“We are committed to simplicity and femininity. Our aim is to make every woman who wears our tunics feel beautiful.”


The idea for our business originated a few years ago, in the most charming fishing village in Venezuela. The brand Tapara, is named after a calabash found in the tropical forest. Starting with boutiques in St Barths, our market expanded as our product proved to be very popular. Tapara Beachwear is now a company based in Barcelona. 

Tapara Beachwear, is inspired by the traditional dresses in tropical countries, with its romantic atmosphere, and influenced by the simplicity and perfection of French couture. We create very feminine resort wear – Clean and simple cuts, combined with classical and revealing features, that appeal to a wide range of women. Tapara Beachwear aspires to provide a very feminine, authentic and quality product,  but with a certain free spirit to the discerning woman.

Our collection is a limited edition, exclusively designed and hand stitched on finest cotton. All our Eyelet fabrics are designed and manufactured by us. We focus on quality, and prefer to design timeless pieces, that you will keep and cherish, rather than a fast fashion approach.

Ethics is a strong aspect and we prioritise team relations in our work. We believe that harmonious communication will reflect on the quality and beauty of our tunics.


We sell to many lovely boutiques around the world, and some of the most exclusives resorts.

We are mainly present in the Maldives and the Caribbean.

Photograph: Jean Philippe Pitier

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